21 Calm TV-Series Kids Really Love (Non-Hectic)

If you’re anything like me you’re tired of hectic kids’ TV.

Why are so many kids’ shows more hectic than the Jason Bourne movies?

Jason Bourne Can't Keep Up

No wonder our kids are more impatient and easily bored than ever.

Well, there’s hope.

We gathered some FANTASTIC shows for kids that won’t get them stressed out.

With babies, you really need to be careful to not introduce too much stimulus.

Babies just love to watch happy little faces and listen to songs.

1) Little Baby Bum (Ages 0-2)

Our son LOVED this show when he was a baby.

It’s great because it’s really slow-paced and the kid will get introduced to songs and kind characters.

2) Peppa Pig (Ages 3-5)

Another good show is Peppa Pig. You’ll find a fun little family of pigs in this British TV show.

Peppa Pig is also very slow-paced and not hectic at all.

Your kids will learn how to play nicely together (yeah right!), and other good life skills.

But be aware that Peppa’s dad is a wimpy version of Homer.

He’s quite funny but not really a realistic example of a modern dad.

3) Cory Carson (Ages 2-6)

We just recently stopped watching this great show.

Cory Carson is brilliant too and kids love the little cars.

Especially boys.

It’s short little episodes that you can sneak in whenever a break is needed.

4) Winnie The Pooh (Ages 2-5)

Oh yes, Winnie The Pooh.

Lots of good gems here from the excellent English writer A. A. Milne.

Also, when your kids get into this and know the characters, there’s also a GOLDMINE of books you can use as bedtime stories.

There are so many lessons to learn from Pooh and his friends as they all have very unique personalities that tie perfectly together with their type of animal.

5) Adventures Of Gummi Bears (Ages 4-7)

This is an old classic (from the 80s) that also works really well to calm kids down.

You might remember it if you’re from the 80s or 90s yourself!

The show is slow-paced (like most other older shows) and the kid will learn a lot of good stuff.

6) Bluey (Ages 3-8)

At this age, we can start adding some more emotions and drama.

Kids are now ready to learn more social concepts and how to behave around other kids.

Bluey TV Show

The first and top of the list just has to be the Bluey show.

Bluey is the gold standard for kids’ TV. They totally nailed how to be funny, educational, and also appeal to parents.

If you haven’t heard of it – you will soon! (well, now, actually)

This is a fantastic show from Australia. Your kids will absolutely love it – and so will you.

They will learn stuff like:

  • Manners
  • Patience
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility
  • etc.

It’s designed for pre-schoolers, but my son STILL loves it (he’s 6 and a half).

7) Curious George (Ages 4-7)

Be aware that George often gets lost, so smaller kids may be a little scared.

It’s never hectic, but there can be some themes that 3-4 year-olds will struggle a bit with.

That said, it’s a good genuine TV show that will teach them that it’s GOOD to be curious and adventurous.

8) Rhyme Time Town (Ages 3-5)

This is a cartoon made by DreamWorks and it’s also GREAT.

We loved this show and miss the good ol’ days when my son was so into it 😀

Rhyme Time Town is a group of puppies and kitties that love to sing (hence the name “Rhyme”) and explore.

There’s lots of singing and the music is great.

I can really recommend this as well!

9) Octonauts (Ages 4-8)

Another GREAT show out of Australia (Go Bluey!) is OCTONAUTS.

You’ll find it on Netflix.

It’s a sweet little troop of divers out to save the sea around Australia.

It’s not too hectic and fast-paced either, except for a few passages here and there.

The kids will learn about:

  • Working together as a team
  • Responsibility
  • Coral reefs
  • Fish
  • etc.

Our son loves this show.

10) Old Scooby Doo Series (Ages 6-10)

Scooby Doo

This show from the 70s is also a great option.

Actually, most shows from the 70s are great! And your kid will love them.

This little troop saves the day with some basic stories that teach kids about adventure, sticking together, etc.

If your kid is into superheroes (Batman), there are a few episodes where Batman and Robin join Scooby.

These can be great episodes to use to introduce this show to your superhero-fanboy!

11) Sesame Street (Ages 3-5)

Another great gem from the glorious 70s is “Sesame Street”.

Why invent new series when we have a HUGE catalog of great stuff from the 70s and 80s?

Sesame Street is a sweet series that also has an educational aspect.

Kids will learn:

  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Colors
  • Basic social concepts.

You’ll enjoy all the puppets and probably get to spend a good time with your kids in front of the screen!

12) Disney Classics

Another good one.

Watching kids fall in love with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse is just fantastic.

There are lots of these old classics on Disney Plus and you’ll also find them on YouTube.

Just search for the old stuff, and you’ll enjoy your time with your kids in front of the TV!

9 Other shows to check out

These are shows I haven’t watched personally, but that should also fit the etiquette of being non-hectic:

  • Care Bears
  • The Smurfs
  • Puffin Rock
  • Trash Truck
  • City of Ghosts
  • Tumble Leaf
  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
  • Arthur
  • Dino Dana

Thanks for reading!

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