Build Old Lego Sets With (Free) Online Manuals

Let’s face it,



But did you know that Lego manuals can be found online?

Now you can build the dream Lego sets from your childhood with your kids!

Amazing, right?

Kids love building together – especially when they can feel YOU love it too!

Time to get them excited about the best sets from your childhood.

How To Find Old Lego Manuals

Here we go:

  1. Find the unique 5-digit number of the Lego set (example below).
  2. Type this number into Lego’s building instruction bank.

The 5-digit number is a unique code that identifies each Lego set.

It looks like this:

Now you have access to ALL the amazing Lego sets.

Past and present.

But… I Don’t Have All The Bricks!?

Before you decide it’s way over your head – check to make sure!

You can see a list of all bricks used in any set by getting the manual and scrolling to the last page.

But even if you are missing some piece, SO WHAT?

Even better!

Now you have a chance to teach your kids about CREATIVITY!

If you are missing some vital bricks – find another way to build without them. My son and I have built SO many old Lego sets now and we always find a way.

I love to see his creativity!

I just need to make space (pause) to let him suggest how we can overcome each obstacle.

This is a jetfighter that we built with lots of creative workarounds:

  • The canons are totally reconstructed
  • The windshield is different
  • The Batwings are missing
  • etc.

Oh, and obviously, the colors are all over the place.

You can see the original set here:

(I assume you can see we had a TON of fun building this one!)

You’ll start to love Legos even more as you see how many ways there are to build anything just by using your imagination!

Find Lego Sets Sorted By Age

Don’t know where to begin? The Lego company has made it easy for you.

They’ve made a tool to help you find Lego sets – sorted by age!

On this page you can select these age groups:

  • 1.5-3 year-olds
  • 4-5 year-olds
  • 6-8 year-olds
  • 9-12 year-olds
  • 13-17 year-olds
  • 18+

This makes it super easy to quickly find what you’re looking for!

…Or Buy The Set Used (Easier If You Don’t Have Enough Bricks)

There are LOTS of Lego communities online, with lots of resources.

This site lets you find old Lego sets.

They’re very helpful if you’re not in the mood to spend $200 at the Lego store. Lego sets are becoming more and more expensive!

Thanks for reading!

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