14 Ways Dads Can Give Kids FULL Attention (Helpful Examples)

The best we can give our kids is our ATTENTION.

They’ll do anything to get our attention but when we GIVE it without them yelling for it – something magic can happen

Here are some good ways to tune out and focus 100% on your kid.

I try to make sure we connect every day!

At least once.

Two Things Before We Dive In

We need to remember two things.

These are important when connecting with kids.

#I No Phone!

We need to lose the phone to show undivided attention.

No Phone

We have another post with some good tips on that:

READ: Great Ways To Limit Phone Usage Around Kids.

#II Get Down To Eye-Level

You need to come down to their level. Literally.

It’s much easier to see how they feel when you’re eye to eye.

It’s also more intimate.

Now we can get started.

This first “trick” almost feels like cheating.

Once you get this tactic down, you’ll know how to connect. Even when the kid is frustrated, tired, or upset.

#1 Use A Teddy To Talk About Stuff That Matters

It’s not always easy to get kids to talk about their day.

Especially boys under 10.

But Teddy usually knows how to crack them open!

It’s like magic.

Bring your best squeaky voice, and they’ll open op. They’ll often tell you about their day or whatever is on their mind.

Talking teddy bear

Here are some good questions Teddy can ask:

  • Where have you been all day?
  • Can I sleep with you tonight?
  • How was [friend’s name] today?
  • Can I play with you tomorrow?
  • Why is the pillow SO soft?
  • Your face smells nice – what did you eat?

Or really just anything that catches the kid’s attention.

Something silly is always a good start!

Just make him/her laugh.

#2 Tumble Play In The Sofa

Kids LOVE to get really close and feel you.


It can be rough or gentle – depending on the kid’s temperament – but they’ll typically love a good tumble.

We have a tumbling game where it’s all about being on top.

The rules are very simple:

  • You cannot hit
  • You can tickle (a little)

Other than that, it’s all about getting on top. Make sure to let the kid win the first round or two, then it all gets a little easier.

#3 Invite Them To Play [Insert Favorite Game]

All kids have that special toy or game.

For my son, it’s usually either:

  • His trampoline,
  • His superhero Lego figures,
  • Or dressing up and acting.

You know what it is.

(Otherwise, just ask them about their favorite game).

Kids always light up when WE invite them to their favorite game.

It’s one of the easiest ways to get their full attention. We all love to be invited to do what we love – it’s very simple.

#4 Snuggle Kiddo To Sleep

What is better than snuggle time with dad?

Not much.

Kids feel safe and loved when they get hugs.

You shouldn’t stay in their bed till they sleep every night. They need to learn to fall asleep alone before they turn 1 year old.

That just makes EVERYTHING a lot easier later.

But remember to do it sometimes. It can be a very special moment that both of you will love.

Kids tend to calm down and open up when they know you’re not going anywhere.

Snuggle time (father and dauthter)

It’s a great way to get close.

Make sure they remember good bedtime moments together as they get bigger.

Before you know it, these days will be over.

When they become tweens, you won’t be able to tuck them in anymore.

But for small kids – it’s very special.
It’s next-level bonding to fall asleep inside a good long dad hug!

#5 Go To A Playground Together

You can also surprise them by inviting them to the playground.

Pack a little back with snacks – leave the phone at home (duh, we already know that, right!?), and off you go.

Maybe take them to a special playground that you know they really like.

These are my best ideas – they are the ones I find work the best for connecting well with your kid.

9 More Ways To Show Undivided Attention

These are other ways dads typically find quality time with their kids.

They’re more obvious ideas but they can also be very effective, in my experience.

My son LOVES  #6, #8, and #10.

6) Play a board game

7) Go to the beach and throw rocks in the water

8) Go on a trampoline

9) Go eat out (food the kid loves)

10) Cook or bake

11) Play in the sandbox

12) Go fishing

13) Go sailing

14) Make a bonfire together

The list is endless.

Just use your imagination.

Literally, anything can work.

Though, I don’t recommend watching movies, cartoons, or playing video games. Watching screens together doesn’t really connect the two of you.

It merely connects you to the TV 😂 (rather than each other).

Thanks for reading!

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