5 Cool Paper Planes To Build With Your Kids (Videos)

Paper planes are awesome and they work everywhere.

Whether your kid is 2 or 10 years old!

We’ve compiled a list of some easy builds (that work really well!) as well as some more advanced models.

Let’s start with the basic jetfighter (Yep- we all started there!).

The Jetfighter

Here’s the most-common paper plane of all time:

The Jetfighter.

ANYone can build this airplane.

It’s a very basic model that only takes 8 folds to construct out of a basic piece of A4 paper.

It is super sturdy and will fly a long distance.

You can literally throw it as hard as you want.

Pro tip:
If you fold the wings over one more time, you can add more speed.
It’ll turn it into a fast arrow and you will win any competition over who can throw the longest.

Paper Plane With LONG Flight Time

This airplane is REALLY cool and a fun one to build.

I built hundreds of this model as a kid.

It’s really sturdy and as the heading above reveals – it holds the record for the longest flight time!

Almost 30 seconds!

It’s not that hard to build, though it looks really cool.

Pro tip:
You can also make small cuts to the rear end of the plane to create little flaps you can tilt up or down.
This will help you control the flight. If it dives too quickly, tilt the flaps slightly down – and if it stalls, you can fix that by tilting the flaps slightly up.

F-15 Airplane

This is another good design that will fly a long distance – even on slightly windy days.

It’s a rather easy build (doesn’t take as long as it looks), and it flies really well.

Have a look:

I love how the flaps are cut out of the wings to make it look more like the original F15 fighter.

You’ll see here how it totally nails the design.

The two flaps and the cockpit are really cool details!

Here’s the original:

You can also take it up a notch by letting kiddo paint the airplane with camouflage colors.

Cool Long-Distance Variation Of The Jetplane

This beautiful build is really cool too.

It has a great balance point and will stay airborne for a long time. It’s more suited to outdoor use (than the one above with a long flight time).

Once again – we have to thank the Germans for their brilliant engineering skills!

Danke Schön!

As you can see in the video, it’s actually also constructed out of a single piece of A4. Though, it looks more advanced than that.

I LOVE how the creator of this model uses a ruler. It helps you get the measurements 100% right the first time!

Ready For the NEXT Level?

If you’re ready for something REALLY advanced, we have something for you too.

Ready to get your Origami skills challenged?

Here we go:

This might not be the best airplane to fly across the living room but it sure looks cool!

It should impress any little kid (or uncle!) at the next dinner party.

Thanks for reading!

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