This Hack Makes Kids Sleep Longer (Also On Weekends)

Most parents give kids a phone or iPad when they wake up TOO early.


But… here’s the thing:

It backfires big time!


You may bet on an extra hour or two in bed TODAY, but…

They’ll start waking up earlier and earlier!

Dopamine does that.
Now their little brains are OVERLOADED even before your day starts!

Implementing new rules is not always easy, though.

Let us help.

We have an article about Screen-Time Rules With LESS Screaming (3 min read)

This Clock Will Keep Them In Bed

When kids realize it’s boring to get up early (no iPad/Phone) – they’ll try to fall asleep again.

It’s as simple as that.

Problem is, kids under 7 can’t read clocks.

However, they DO understand THIS clock:

Yellow kids clock

Get ready to wake up to this:

Nothing beats it 😃.

Check Out This Clock In Our Article Here

We tried several of these clocks when our son was 1-2 years old, and this one worked the best.

There are SO MANY copycats of this product. Make sure you get the original. (Ask me how I know!)

And remember, buy diapers BEFORE you need more diapers 😅

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