Special Dad & Daughter Time: 13 Ideas To Make Her Feel Special

It’s International Women’s Day. It may or may not be a thing in your circles, but…

Let’s grab every chance we get to appreciate the females in our lives.


I think we all have some ideas on how to celebrate our spouses, but how do we best acknowledge our daughters?

I asked my wife, and I think she had some brilliant ideas!

1. Invite Her (or them) out on a Daddy-Daughter Date

This can be in a cafe or restaurant – but smaller girls might be more interested in a picnic in the living room.

Maybe “invite” teddies too.

What about a tea party with all her favorite snacks and cakes?

Or stylish long drinks (non-alcoholic, of course!) with a little umbrella and beautifully-arranged food.

Some kids LOVE to do grown-up stuff.

2. Take Her to a Beauty Salon

If she’s more into girly stuff, maybe you should take her to get her nails done.

A real man-dad can handle that.

Again, it’s probably best to consult the mom here, so you get it right.

Pro-Dad Tip: If you want to keep to a budget, create a home salon!

Here’s what you need:

  • Cucumber rings
  • Hairbrush
  • Hand cream
  • Nail polish

3. Maybe She’s into Sports?

You need to think about how you can hit bull’s eye with your daughter.

Some girls love sports–playing sports and watching live games.

She might enjoy a date with you at the:

  • Baseball pitch
  • Swimming pool
  • Beach
  • Bowling alley

(Hint: Asking her mom might be a good idea here!)

4. Get Crafty

It’s time to get out your glue, stickers, and craft paper.

Here are some simple crafting ideas using supplies you already have at home:

  • Draw a portrait of each other (level up and wear a blindfold!)
  • Stick dried macaroni on an old picture frame and paint it
  • Make binoculars from toilet paper rolls – it’s amazing what creatures live behind your sofa 😉
  • Origami (do a quick Google search)

5. A Night at the Movies

This one is probably for slightly older girls.

Younger children struggle to sit still for an entire movie, and sometimes the big screen can be frightening.

Get dressed up, hold the doors open for her, and enjoy crunching on popcorn while you watch a child-friendly movie together.

6. Put on your Apron and Bake

Kids love to help in the kitchen.

Maybe you’re a confident dad in the kitchen and know how to have some special time here with your daughter.

But, if baking isn’t really your thing, here are some ideas:

  • Decorate pre-made cookies or cupcakes with pre-made frosting
  • Make a fruit smoothie or milkshake
  • Hot chocolate (or warm milk) with marshmallows is always a hit!

7. Take Her on a Camping Trip

If you’re ready for something a bit more ambitious, why not take your daughter camping?

If you’ve got the gear, a trip away is so exciting.

P.S. a sleepover in the garden is just as fun!

8. Have a Pizza Party

Grab some plain pizza bases, cheese, and your daughter’s favorite toppings!

Pro-Dad Tip: Use activities like this to observe what skills your child is capable of; without your help. You may be surprised at what she can do!

9. Pyjama Party!

It’s not that hard when you put in a little effort.

Create a cozy time for you together and have a sleepover in the living room.

(You can also invite mom).

This idea probably has the best success rate with pre-teens.

10. Play Her Favorite Game

This may require being a “YES” dad (within reason, of course).

She might love to play with blocks or dolls. Maybe dressing up is what is fun for her.

And some girls love a board game with Dad!

One of the best ways to acknowledge our kids is by being fully present (without phones or other distractions). Check out my blog post for more on this!

11. Build Something Together

Perhaps you have an unfinished DIY project or some IKEA furniture that needs to be put together.

This is a great way to spend time with your daughter if she enjoys practical tasks (and you can get stuff done, too!).

Or maybe, you just need to get creative in the tool shed – what robots are waiting to be invented in there?

12. Scavenger Hunt

This one is generally better suited for older children.

Your scavenger hunt could include a series of riddles or math sums; maybe you must take a fun selfie at each destination!

Pro-Dad Tip: This can be an affordable (no-spend) way to spend quality, high-energy time with your girl.

13. Show your Daughter Appreciation

Remember to appreciate her for what she IS rather than what she’s good at.

So, that all sounds good, right? But how do you do that?

Well, here are a few ideas:

#1 – Write her a little love letter

Put into words how beautiful she is. Tell her what she means to you and put it in a nice little envelope.

#2 – Buy her a gift

It’s a great opportunity to buy her a little piece of jewelry, a hairband, or whatever you think she’d appreciate.

#3 – Give her a foot massage

Maybe this is more her love language.

Be creative and see how you can best show your little girl how much she means to you.

It’s really important for little girls to feel tender and warm love from their dads. It imprints a good example that future boyfriends will need to live up to!

I hope this blog has given you some great ideas for quality daddy-daughter time with your special girl/s 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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