Dad’s Ultimate Guide To Finding Me-Time (15 Tips)

It’s so important to get some time for ourselves. If you realize you’re not thinking straight and are struggling to sleep, it’s time to remember to take care of yourself.

I’d love to list some dad-friendly hobbies and activities that I know dads enjoy.

These are things you can do anywhere with whatever time you may have available.

Most of us need a little help here!

So, here are some hobbies and activities you could consider!

I’ll start with the two things I personally enjoy the most.

#1 Play Music

Though you may have to wait a few years before you can go touring – it’s certainly possible to have a guitar lying around for whenever you have an hour to yourself.

I played a lot of music in my 20s and 30s – and I still have a band going with two other dads.

We LOVE to get out of our homes and rock together in our basement – though it doesn’t happen every month.

#2 Movie Night Out

It only takes me 5 minutes to walk to our cinema and I love to go there sometimes (often alone!).

I buy myself some popcorn and enjoy 2 hours of uninterrupted me-time!

#3 Join a Sports Club

With sports, we can fill several personal “tanks” at once.

  • Social
  • Fitness
  • A little time without the kids

I’m sure there are a variety of clubs in your area, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an amateur.

This is also a great way to model a healthy lifestyle for our children.

#4 Gaming

Because so much of our modern lives are dominated by screens, gaming can be contentious in some relationships.

So, for those dads who love to game – it might be a good idea to schedule this into the family calendar.

This can help set clear “screen time” boundaries.

Speaking of screens, I wrote a blog about my year without news and social media – check it out to read about what I learned.

#5 Get Crafty

Let’s not forget the creative dads out there!

I’m not artistic in the traditional sense, but music is to me as I am certain paint is to many dads.

Sometimes, “grown-up” life can distract us from our personal talents and passions.

So it might be time to bring out your paints, clay, or fabric.

If it’s been a while since you tapped into your creative side, there are some really affordable “starter” kits in various arts and crafts. You can find these at craft stores or online stores.

#6 Sunrise Breakfast

This is for the small gap you might have between school drop-off and the beginning of your workday.

Grab a good coffee and a breakfast bagel, and enjoy!

In an ideal world, we’d all be sitting in a cozy cafe and reading a book or the newspaper.

But, most of us will have to settle for a coffee-to-go on our commute to work.

#7 Podcasts and Audiobooks

I love listening to podcasts.

I find that they are pretty easy to fit into other tasks I need to complete in the day.

I can listen to a news podcast while I prepare dinner or a humorous novel while I do the laundry.

Mostly, I listen to podcasts or audiobooks when I take a short walk around the block after dinner a couple of times a week.

#8 Sleep

I know that it’s stating the obvious.

But if you can get to bed at a reasonable hour, you will find yourself more “yourself” in the morning – if you know what I mean.

#9 Reading

Okay, so the reasonable hour I mentioned above, let’s bring that forward by 20 minutes!

Reading is such a great way to unwind and give our brains time to recover from emails, chats, and video conferencing.

Here are a few examples:

  • Novels
  • Autobiographies
  • Spiritual books
  • Car or House Magazines

#10 Schedule Alone Time

In our hectic lives, actually finding time for “me-time” can feel impossible.

If we aren’t proactive, months can go by and we have not taken any time to be alone or just “be”.

When things are super busy for my wife and me, we try to schedule alone time in our family calendar.

This is usually an hour or two over a weekend. One of us will be with our son at home, on an outing, or at a playdate.

While the other can just be alone.

#11 Birthday Vouchers

Pro-Dad Tip: Ask for vouchers for your birthday.

Here are some “me-time” ideas that friends and family can give you: 

  • Round of golf
  • A movie ticket (just one, please 😉)
  • Massage
  • Baber Shop Appointment
  • Restaurant Voucher
  • Paintball

#12 Have a Bath

Dads also enjoy a relaxing bath now and then, too!

Once the kids are asleep, turn off the lights and light a few candles to help you relax.

Some people like to listen to music, soak in silence or listen to their favorite podcasts while they relax in the bath.

#13 Get Outdoors

We all have to take a lunch break.

When you can, try to spend some of the time outside – getting warm in the sun or a walk around the block.

This helps get your body moving and gives you some space from the office.

A few dad friends prioritize outdoor, solo lunch breaks when work or home life is particularly stressful.

I think its a great idea.

#14 Go for a Swim

Get to the public pool, a swimming lake, or the beach.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a pro – swimming is a low-impact sport that benefits everyone.

#15 Travel

We’d all love to forget about real-life responsibilities for a few weeks and relax on a tropical island.

And if you get this opportunity – take it!

But maybe we need to be a little more creative…

When I travel for work, I like to research where I am going and choose one experience to sneak in between appointments.

It could be coffee at a popular cafe, a walk around a local museum, or a short hike before dinner.

P.S. Summer is around the corner – I have a whole blog with family-friendly and enjoyable summer vacation ideas.


Thanks for reading.

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